Integration FAQ

Asked Questions

Q: Is it true that I will be able to continue my BeautiControl business through Youngevity and that I will be able to continue to sell BeautiControl products and receiving income?

A: YES – we are happy to report that this is true.

Q: Who is Youngevity International and how are they becoming involved with BeautiControl?

A: Youngevity International is a 20-year-old, publicly-traded network marketing company ( Youngevity International currently has a very diverse line of products including products in many key categories: health and wellness, beauty and personal care, essential oils, coffee and health beverages, jewelry and others. Youngevity was very impressed with the high quality of the people and products from BeautiControl. They worked for over six months to negotiate a situation where both products and consultants of BeautiControl would become part of the Youngevity company.

Q: Through this new relationship, will I be able to continue to share the BeautiControl branded products – will our products continue in Youngevity.

A: Youngevity loves the BeautiControl brand and products! A key reason for this partnering is for you to be able to offer the BeautiControl products to your customers and for the current Youngevity representatives to have the opportunity to purchase them as well. You will see your favorite products and they will still be branded as BeautiControl. Your BeautiControl brand is continuing in formulation and labeling!

Q: When will I have access to purchase/sell BeautiControl products?

A: Youngevity is aggressively working to manufacture the best-selling BeautiControl products and make them available for you as soon as possible. You will be kept in the loop as to when you will access to BeautiControl products to your personal store. In the meantime, you will have access to share the full line of Youngevity products including makeup, personal care, jewelry, fashion, spices and food items, nutrition, weight loss and much more.

Q: Do I have to only sell BeautiControl products or can I offer any products that Youngevity offers?

A: One of the great things about Youngevity is the diversity of products that we offer – you can literally Swap Where You Shop with Youngevity. You will be able to purchase and offer any product that Youngevity offers and earn commission on all products through one unifying commission plan. You earn on sharing BeautiControl products and every other Youngevity product purchased by your sales team.

Q: Can I choose to sell BeautiControl products, exclusively?

A: Yes – you are free to share what products you like – it is your choice.

Q: I used to have a sales team organization under me at BeautiControl. Will my team still be my team in this move to Youngevity?

A: YES – your downline team members remain in the exact positions that they were before the integration with Youngevity. Those upline and downline team members that wish to continue their BeautiControl businesses through Youngevity will be part of your team as before.

Q: I used to have upline leadership at BeautiControl. Will those people still be in my upline support team?

A: YES – those upline who wish to continue to build BeautiControl/Youngevity will be in the same positions above you in your support team.

Q: What kind of compensation plan does Youngevity offer and are there special hosting/social selling programs available?

A: Youngevity loves social selling and has an entire platform devoted to incentivizing the hosting of events. You can learn all about the Youngevity compensation plan from our website and we will be hosting special introduction webcasts about both our compensation plan and our social selling rewards program.

Q: Will I still be able to utilize my BeautiControl websites and back offices?

A: The BeautiControl distributor website systems were shut down several months ago and Youngevity cannot utilize them. You will be operating within the Youngevity online systems. Youngevity online systems are free and can be customized to allow you to highlight the products you wish to feature in your online store. Youngevity also offers a free Social Selling online platform that allows you to host online and offline parties.

Q: Is there any cost with my becoming a Youngevity consultant?

A: NO – you will be given a distributorship at no charge since you were a consultant at BeautiControl.

Q: What will happen to my ID# and passwords? Will they remain the same at Youngevity?

A: You will be given new ID#s for the continuing business. There will be exact instructions on how to set up your account on this website. Setting up your ID# and password is very simple – taking only seconds. It’s also free for you to become a Youngevity distributor through the BeautiControl acquisition.

Q: How will I order products? What phone numbers and websites will I use to order?

A: You will be able to order any product Youngevity offers in your new Youngevity back office system (your self-replicating ecommerce website and back offices are free). You can also order by phone at 800-982-3189.

Q: We used to have regular product training and leadership conference calls and videos. Will we have those resources at Youngevity?

A: Many past BeautiControl upline leaders have indicated that they would line to continue their product training calls and videos. We will pass along the schedule and contact numbers for you once the line-up is set. You are also welcome to join any call or training event host by Youngevity – see

Q: What are the best ways to learn about what other products and systems Youngevity has to offer?

A: There are many ways to learn about Youngevity, here are a few: (our company’s main website), (great videos), (direct link into the resource center).

Q: What categories of products does Youngevity offer?

A: Youngevity offers products in the following major categories (1) Health & Nutrition (2) Home & Family (3) Food & Beverage (4) Spa & Beauty (5) Apparel (6) Jewelry (7) Essential Oils (8) Photos, Scrapbooking and Gifts and (9) Services. You can learn more about each of these product categories at All are available for you to purchase and share with others.